CURRENT CHAIR Rolando C. Perez, M.D.
Dr. Cheryl P. Albano
Dr. Ma. Imelda B. Batar
Dr. Dante P. Bornales
Dr. Vanessa Cainghug
Dr. Ma. Teresa A. Icasiano
Dr. Genuina C. Ranoy
Dr. Ceferino Rivera


The Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, one of the youngest Department in the University, was formed in March 1988, marking the separation of its “roots” from the Department of Medicine. The Section of Rehabilitation Medicine was incorporated to the Department on the same year through a memorandum from the administration.

The first Chairman of the department was Dr. Rogelio B. Belleza who held the post for 2 years. The faculty then was composed of two neurologists (Dr. Rogelio B. Belleza and Dr. Ceferino L. Rivera) and two psychiatrists (Dr. Merlina P. Abad and Dr. Jesus Abella) to train the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. Cheryl Co-Albano a rehabilitation doctor was appointed member of the staff and became the Section Head of the Filemon D. Tanchoco Rehabilitation Center in 1987. In January 1990, Dr. Ceferino L. Rivera became the next chairman of the department which he headed for 4 years.

In 1991, two additional neurologists and one neurosurgeon were appointed as members of the faculty of the department. They are, Dr. Rolando C. Perez, who was also appointed as the Training Officer, Dr. Ma. Linda M. Manalo and Dr. Alfredo L. Tan, a neurosurgeon. The office of the department was initially shared with the EEG Room where grand rounds and lectures were done. In 1991, the department finally had its own office. This was located at the ground floor of the anatomy building beside the Doctor’s Office until 1995. In 1996, the office was again moved to the previous student council room to give way to the Human Resource Management Department.

From 1991 until the succeeding years, new psychiatrists were also added to the roster: Dr. Ma. Imelda B. Batar, Dr. Ponciano Z. Jerez and Dr. Audwin V. Fuentes.

Although all of the members of this Department are non-MCU graduates, everyone devoted their time, embraced MCU-FDTMF as their own and propagated the science of neurology and psychiatry to MCU students and teachers as well.

In November 1993, the Department organized a postgraduate seminar on “Neurological Care for Nurses” was held at Tanchoco Auditorium. It was a successful seminar which had a good turnout of registrants.

In 1994, Dr. Rogelio B. Belleza was reappointed a 2nd term as Chairman of the department. Training Officer for the SY 1996-1997 was Dr. Ma. Linda M. Manalo and Department Coordinator was Dr. Imelda B. Batar.

In the late 1990s, three graduates of the MCU-FDTMF were added to the Neurology and Psychiatry Sections, namely Dr. Dante P. Bornales, Dr. Rhoda Cruz- Despabiladeras and Dr. Genuina C. Ranoy. Dr. Bornales is a graduate of the Neurology Residency Program of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Despabiladeras is a graduate of the Psychiatry Residency Program of Makati Medical Center. Dr. Ranoy is a graduate of the Psychiatry Residency Program of The Medical City and of the Fellowship Program in Child Psychiatry of the University of the Philippines.

Soon enough, the Psychiatry Section beefed-up its faculty staff with the addition of more psychiatrists with sub-specialties. Dr. Maria Teresa A. Icasiano and Dr. Grace Macapagal were appointed members of the Psychiatry staff also in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Dr. Icasiano is a graduate of the Consultation-Liaison sub-specialty fellowship of the Philippine Heart Center while Dr. Macapagal is a graduate of the Child Psychiatry sub-specialty fellowship of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

For school year 1999 - 2002, Dr. Batar took over as Department Chair. Dr. Rivera was Training Officer, Dr. Bornales was Coordinator for Neurology and Dr. Despabiladeras was Coordinator for Psychiatry. The Problem-based Learning strategy was initiated at this time. Likewise, the Behavioral Science module was started in the First Year.

In 2002 -2005, Dr. Bornales was Department Chair. Dr. Rivera was Training Officer, Dr. Ruth Villanueva was Coordinator of Neurology for the 1st 2 years and Dr. Perez for the remaining year, Dr. Despabiladeras was Coordinator of Psychiatry for the 1st 2 years and Dr. Ranoy for the remaining year.

Dr. Ruth T. Villanueva and Dr. Ronnie Lao became part of the Neurology Section during the term of Dr. Bornales.

Rehabilitation Medicine became a separate Department in the MCU Hospital in 2002. Dr. Cheryl Co-Albano assumed its Chairmanship.

In 2005, Dr. Perez took over the helm as Department Chair. During his term, Dr. Vanessa F. Cainghug, a graduate of Child Psychiatry fellowship, joined the staff for 2 years. The Department joined the College in effecting the change to the Modified Innovative Curriculum.

Currently, all the faculty staff of the Department are Board-certified Diplomates of their respective fields. These are Dr. Rolando Perez, Dr. Ceferino Rivera, Dr. Cheryl Co-Albano, Dr. Maria Imelda Batar, Dr. Dante Bornales, Dr. Ma. Teresa Aguilar-Icasiano and Dr. Genuina Ranoy.