CURRENT CHAIR Milagros T. Jocson, M.D.

This report of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Manila Central University-Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation (MCU-FDTMF) consists of its vision-mission, history, composition, strategic objectives as well as its programs and plans

The department has a rich and illustrious history having been headed and manned by some of the best specialists in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the country. Its achievements, awards and honors garnered, key positions, both local and foreign, held by its staff and the pioneering feats it has established, are highlighted in this report. Further, the present esteemed position of the department in the local medical community as an excellent training ground in OB-GYN subspecialties, its strengths, challenges and future directions are discussed.

This report focused its plans on the customer, namely: the staff, trainees, students, alumni, patients and other clients. It calls attention to the partially tapped strength of the alumni as a force that can turn uphill challenges of the Foundation into win-win opportunities. A priority plan is to maintain and expand the lead of the department in the field of subspecialty training, here and abroad. Other plans are aimed at improving the number of our graduates who will pass the physician’s licensure examinations, increase the number of patients served through more

package deal program options and tangible recognition of staff members and students who will serve the Foundation with distinction and honor.


The vision of the department states:

“To graduate competent, caring and morally upright OB-GYN specialists with the requisite knowledge, surgical skills, the essential habits and attitudes, a proper understanding of professional ethics and principles and imbued with social consciousness of such sensitivity as to impel them to bring to bear their knowledge in the improvement of the community and the development of the nation”.

Its mission:

“To graduate competent, caring and morally upright doctors with the requisite knowledge, basic skills, the essential habits and attitudes, a proper understanding of professional ethics and principles and imbued with social consciousness of such sensitivity as to impel them to bring to bear their knowledge in the improvement of the community and the development of the nation”.

This vision and mission augur well with that of the Foundation. Envisioned by the department towards the end of the last century and soon after the 50th Foundation anniversary celebrations, the department has committed itself to serve its clients with nothing but the best it can offer.


The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has sixteen (16) active staff members who are all fellows of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) and other Subspecialties.

There are eleven (11) active rotating, five (5) non-rotating active consultants and thirty-two (32) visiting consultants in the department. The services of the department grew with the development of the consultant staff. In addition to the Ambulatory Services (OPD) , labor, delivery and operating room services it has developed five (5) Subspecialty Sections namely: Endoscopy, Menopause Clinic, Oncology, Perinatology and Ultrasound. The ultrasound services are conducted within the OPD and Radiology Sections of the hospital and at the Ultrasound Services Inc. (USI), which is situated at the Doctors Offices. The Oncology Section is also at the Doctors Offices where top of the line colposcopy and Loop Electro-surgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) instruments and equipment are kept. The rest of the Sections are situated in the hospital.
In 1987, the department residency-training program earned the approval of the POGS. Over the years, it has consistently fulfilled its requirements as such and was re-accredited in 2004 up to 2008. Presently, there are nine (9) resident trainees (RPTs) in the department. To date, there are forty-three (43) graduates from the residency program. From this number are eleven (11) POGS fellows and twenty nine (29) diplomates. The RPT’s have reaped and continue to reap honors for the department with their performances during the annual POGS in-service examinations, which was started in 1984, and research and interesting paper contest presentations conducted by local (Foundation, POGS, PMA and Capitol Citiwide Conference, Inc.) and international (FIGO, AOCOG and ISGE) organizations. As specialists, they are recognized and respected in their communities and maintain constant communications with the department. Recognizing their importance in enhancing the good image of the department outside the institution and in contributing to its further growth and development, they have started taking active participation in the various activities of the department, especially in the form of sponsorships.

Patients of the department are initially seen at the OPD (charity cases) or at the Doctors offices (private) where they are examined and screened. They are further shifted to the different Subspecialty Sections when the need arises. Monitoring and supervision of students and trainees by the consultant staff is maintained at all times.

Currently, there are thirty-four (34) beds allotted to the OB-GYN service located at the hospital annex, sixteen (16) are for pay patients and eighteen (18) for charity. These include two isolation rooms, one for pay patients and the other for charity cases. Other pay patients are accommodated at the main hospital and the 4th floor of the new 46-bed hospital wing, which serves other specialties as well. The Operating and Delivery Room (OR/DR) complex is situated on the third floor of this new wing. There are six (6) labor room beds for pay patients and six (6) for charity cases. Water closets service these areas. The labor rooms are air conditioned and are equipped with four (4) cardiotocography (CTG) machines, blood pressure apparatuses, stethoscopes, etc. There are two (2) OR’s and two (2) DR’s with one room which can be converted to either OR and DR. They service both pay and charity patients at any given time. The HRU is housed in this complex and is equipped with one (1) bed, one (1) ultrasound machine with Doppler capability, a CTG machine, and instruments for monitoring of vital signs. A post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and a nurse station complete the complex. Three RPT’s, one Perinatology fellow, Senior and Junior Interns man this complex every day. Consultants are assigned daily to teach, monitor, and evaluate cases seen by the trainees. A complete complement of nursing staff is maintained at all times.

There is a 3.13 m x 2.14 m admitting room at the reception area of the OR/DR complex. This single air-conditioned room has a small dressing table, sink and examination table. Patients who are in labor or those for operation are received and prepared in this area. A dressing room, complete with lavatory and shower implements serve female consultants, nurses, RPT’s, medical technologists and other trainees. A similar and separate room in the complex serves the males.

Hospital records show that the number of OB-GYN consultations and admissions ranks among the top three in the hospital. Most of these patients are obstetric cases. While a big number of these admissions are private patients, a noticeable number are charity cases availing of the package deal programs of the department. Admitted patients have an average hospital stay of one (1) day for normal deliveries and three (3) days for operative cases.

The department has been in service to women, their unborn and their health providers from the days of the Afable College of Medicine to the present. It was formally established as an academic department in 1947 as part of the Manila Central University, with four to five (4-5) faculty members. In answer to the growing needs of the Foundation and its clients, the faculty members grew to its present number of sixteen (16).

The illustrious history of the department showed that it had seven chairpersons namely: Drs. Juan Galang, Jose X. Genato, Guillerma S. Naval-Sahagun, Walfrido W. Sumpaico, Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua, Imelda Ocampo-Andres and Dr. Regta L. Pichay . Dr. Imelda Ocampo-Andres was reappointed as the 8th Chaiperson in 2007. Their exemplary and meritorious contributions to the field of women’s reproductive health care earned four (4) of them and two (2) faculty members, the distinct honor to be elected as Presidents of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS). They are:

Dr. Jose X. Genato 1951
Dr. Guillerma S. Naval-Sahagun 1986
Dr. Walfrido W. Sumpaico 1995
Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua 2003

Dr. J. Genato also served the University of Santo Tomas Hospital (USTH) as Department Chairperson of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Gloria Tancinco-Yambao, one of the faculty members then, became the POGS president in 1958. She likewise served another institution with dedication and honor as the Chairperson of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology from 1957-1972 at the University of the East-Ramon Magsaysay Medical Foundation (UERMMF). Today, professorial lectures are delivered annually in her honor. Another faculty member, Dr. Guillermo del Castillo became the POGS president in 1959 after the term of Dr. Yambao.

Dr. Guillerma S. Naval Sahagun was the Chairperson of the department for the next twenty-five years after Dr. J. Genato. Her reputation as a US trained OB-GYN specialist par excellence attracted numerous patients. Under her leadership, the department served the majority of patients admitted in the hospital. She instituted changes in patient care that earned the POGS’ nod, thereby accrediting the institution for service. With innovative prowess, her programs earned funds for the department paving the way for the purchase of instruments and equipment that started the technology-based training programs the department continues to provide nationwide up to this day. In 1996, her academic excellence earned her the Baldomero Roxas Memorial lecture award for academic distinction, the highest award given by the POGS.

Dr. Walfrido W. Sumpaico succeeded Dr. G.N. Sahagun as the Chairperson in 1985. His initial task was to beef up the number of staff members to meet the growing workload in the department. From five (5), the number increased to nine (8) and they included Drs. G. Sahagun, Mayumi Santos-Bismark, Lyra Ruth Clement-Teodoro, Imelda S. Ocampo-Andres, Regta L. Pichay, Alejandro R. San Pedro, Concepcion Sta. Cruz. At this time, the age of computers has resulted in the rapid improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Aware that the department has to cope with the changing times, the Chairperson embarked on developing a well-trained and dynamic staff to further improve and expand the services of the department. Shortly thereafter, the first postgraduate course in General Obstetrics and Gynecology was launched attended by specialists all over the country. This yearly activity has grown in quality and attendance over the years with invited foreign experts sharing their expertise with their local counterparts. The twenty-first course was conducted in 2007 and the twenty-second postgraduate course is scheduled for March 2008.

With the help of Administration and some departmental funds, development of the faculty was undertaken. Young MCU resident graduates, Drs. Noel E. Raymundo and Edna Carino-Banta trained in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and gynecologic oncology, respectively, at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). Upon completion of their fellowship trainings, they were tasked to develop their own Sections in the department.

The need for OB-GYN ultrasound training soon became imperative. Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua was sent to train in transvaginal ultrasound at the University of Tokyo in Japan with the assistance of the Takeda Scholarship Foundation. She came home to be the first local OB-GYN specialist in that field. To jumpstart the in-house training of ultrasound in the department, the priority purchase of an ultrasound machine became the seed that gave birth to the Ultrasound Services, Inc. (USI). USI was formed with the investments of sixty individuals, most of whom are members of the department staff and the Foundation. This business enterprise made it possible for top of the line ultrasound machines to be made available for training and service.

In year 1993, Dr Imelda O. Andres was sent to the United States for the workshop on the newest technology that time, the Loop Electrode Electrosurgical Procedure (LEEP). Coming home, she brought home to the department the LEEP machine, the first in the country. Since then, carrying the torch and banner of the institution, she lectured and conducted workshops all over the country on this new technology.

Together with Dr. Pilar Lagman-Dy, a UP-PGH trained perinatologist, the ultrasound training program and service were set up. This group was to train future members of the staff namely: Drs. Rosa Ninez Velante, Ma. Victoria Valmonte-Torres, and Angelita Reyes-Teotico. As the members of the team of ultrasound experts in the department grew, seminars and workshops were conducted nationwide. These are being continued to this day, although less frequently. In October, for the first time in the country, the Section will host the first masters series in OB-GYN ultrasound under the aegis of the Asia-Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AOFOG), the Asia-Pacific arm of the Federacion Internationale Obstetrique et Gynecologie (FIGO). Dr. W. Sumpaico serves as its Secretary General from July 2000 to the present.

With the increasing clamor for more ultrasound specialists, preceptorship and fellowship training programs were offered in 1993 to bona fide members of the POGS. At present, its training program has graduated seventy-four (74) fellows and one hundred ninety seven (197) preceptees from various areas of the country. Research papers from this Section have won the recognition and the distinction as top prize winners in local contests and continue to be worthy of journal publications and presentations here and abroad.

The Section boasts of top of the line ultrasound machines manned by an expert staff. Of all the ultrasound training hospitals in the country, it has the complete line of top caliber machines including 3D and 4D machines. It continues in its program to train more POGS certified OB-GYN specialists. Its graduates are all fellows of the Philippine Society of Ultrasound in OB-GYN (PSUOG) where their number is its main core. The members of the staff have served and continue to serve as officers of this POGS Subspecialty Society.