In 2004, ultrasound was officially incorporated in the residency training program of the POGS. Since the start of the 21st century, our residents have started rotating to the Ultrasound Section as part of their training, a decided edge over their counterparts in other POGS member hospitals. The Department is confident that its leadership in ultrasound training will continue undiminished with the continued support of Administration and the staff.

Shortly after the development of the Untrasound Section, the Perinatology Section was formed. Dr. Pilar Lagman-Dy was the first Section Head and was later succeeded by Dr. Flerida Lucero-Tan, who trained at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (formerly Lungsod ng Kabataan). Improvement in the care of high-risk pregnancies and the reduction of perinatal deaths became the mission of this Section. Thus, the High Risk Unit (HRU) was established. In 1993, fellowship training in perinatology was offered to POGS bona fide members. To date, there are eighteen graduates and eleven of them are certified members of the POGS Philippine Society of Fetal and Maternal Medicine. The training of the residents was further improved with the establishment of the Section as they managed high-risk cases side by side with the fellows. Research papers emanating from the Section have won major prizes in local contests and have been published in journals and presented here and abroad.

With the simultaneous establishment of the Ultrasound and Perinatology Sections, development of other subspecialties followed. The Section of Gynecologic Endoscopy was formed after the training of its Head, Dr. Regta L. Pichay in tubal microsurgery at the University of California, Ralph K Davies Medical Center and Gynecologic Endoscopy at the Royal Free Hospital in London. With the unified support of the department and Administration, the purchase of top of the line endoscopic equipment and instruments were made possible. Dr. R. Pichay together with Drs. Noel E. Raymundo and Alejandro San Pedro, who had an earlier training with Dr. R. Pichay at the Johns Hopkins Program in International Education of Gynecology and Obstetrics (JHPIEGO), the Section started the in house training of some members of the staff in 1995. In 1996, they started the first of a series of seminar workshops in gynecologic endoscopy nationwide. Soon, the first preceptorship program in hysteroscopy was conducted. It was a milestone in the history of the department because, so far, it is the only program being offered in the entire country. This program is conducted three times a year to POGS bona fide members up to this day. Presently, there are forty seven (47) preceptees from areas all over the country who have completed the program. These graduates have been instrumental in instituting modern changes in the management of gynecologic patients in their localities.

From three, the Section is now composed of seven staff members. Their expertise has been supplemented further by preceptorship training with world-renowned experts in gynecologic endoscopy. In 2001, the then Section Head (Dr. R.Pichay) was appointed Chairperson of the POGS Section of Gynecologic Endoscopy. Together with Dr. N. Raymundo, they formed the core group that gave birth to the Philippine Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy (PSGE). Several research papers from the Section have been worthy of presentations and publications locally and internationally.

In 1996, Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua became the 5th Chairperson of the department. She continued in the tradition of those who came before her. Under her term, the department continued to flourish as a recognized training institution, especially in ultrasound. It was during this time that Dr. Rosemarie Doctor-Abiog underwent training in Urogynecology in Singapore. Upon completion of her training, she came home to form the core group of the Philippine Incontinence Society, serving as its first Secretary. She was its Vice-President when she moved with her family to live abroad. Presently, the Section is manned by Dr. Lennette C. Chan, who is one of the few urogynecologist in the country to have finished a 2-year fellowship training in Australia. At about this time, Dr. M. Jocson went on a one-year fellowship training in Trophoblastic Diseases at the UP-PGH.

Dr. Imelda Ocampo-Andres succeeded Dr. L.R. Chua as the department Chairperson in 1999. She was instrumental in the membership of the department to the Capitol Citiwide Incorporated (CCI), a consortium of POGS accredited hospitals with the aim of forming linkages that is beneficial in terms of training and patient care. She was also instrumental in the POGS accreditation of the department to the second highest level for service (Level II-C). Despite the brevity of her tenure as head, she went on to continue with the different training programs of the department.

Dr. R. Pichay was appointed the department Chairperson in 2001. Two months into her chairmanship, renovation of the department office took place. Today, it looks more spacious, clean and functional, making work in the department more efficient. She further expanded the department’s services by revitalizing the Menopause Clinic, which was established in 1997. Dr. Ma. Lourdes M. Liwag, a fellow of the Philippine Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, heads this clinic. It serves patients who are in their peri and post-menopausal years. Lectures on the various aspects of menopause are conducted regularly to interested parties and free bone densitometry tests have been extended to Foundation participants and guests

A workshop on maternal nutrition conducted towards the end of 2001 has revised the prenatal care of patients served in the hospital. The encouraging results convinced the Chairperson to start the Mother’s Class at the OPD. This program is geared to further educate women on the subjects of birthing, nutrition, breast-feeding and family planning. It is conducted every other month in cooperation with Mead-Johnson, Philippines.

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